Call-centre scam: Ludhiana cops to push for extradition of gang’s UK-based handler


After busting a fake call-centre scam targeting foreign nationals with the arrest of 39 people, police are now looking to extradite the gang’s handler from the United Kingdom.

The key accused, Naman Sukhadiya, who was arrested in Gujarat last week, had said that a UK-based handler provided them with the phone numbers of targets in exchange for a 40% cut per fraud. The police are in the process of issuing a lookout circular for the handler’s extradition and have encashed cryptocurrency worth 60 lakh.

Posing as officials from Her Majesty Revenue & Customs, the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority, the accused would call citizens of the United States of America and Canada through an internet-based calling application and tell them that their identity had been used to carry out tax or insurance frauds in their country and a criminal case was being filed against them.

When the victims invariably asked them for a way to nullify the charges, they…

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