CaixaBank S A : implements a new technology platform in its ATMs to offer the same user experience as mobile and web online banking


CaixaBank ATMNow

• The ATMNow project makes CaixaBank the world’s first bank to offer a fully omni-channel experience, with the same quality, image and service on all its digital channels.

• The bank plans to adapt its 9,000 ATMs to the new system by the end of July.

• As well as transforming the style and menu navigation, ATMNow offers new services, such as cash withdrawals in just two steps, and opens the door to banking that integrates multiple shared digital channels.

CaixaBank begins to deploy its new ATM technology platform, ATMNow, designed to overhaul the user experience and add new services and functions.

The new platform has been developed with the aim of offering the same banking and image services on ATMs as users experience on CaixaBankNow, the online banking channel accessible via the web and mobile app….

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