Businesses Concerned About New Bike Lanes Planned for 9th Street NW – NBC4 Washington


Washington, D.C., plans to add 30 miles of new bike lanes over the next three years, including 2 miles along busy 9th Street NW in Shaw, but businesses there worry the bike lanes will kill their business as they are trying to rebound from the pandemic.

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration plans to build the 2 miles of cycle track between Massachusetts Avenue and Florida Avenue.

“We were a part of this developing this part of the city,” said Thomas Abebe, owner of Right Spot Restaurant & Bar.

His family’s investments in the neighborhood started 30 years ago, though the past year or so has been among the hardest.

“Due to COVID, we’re already lose a lot and we’re struggling to come up,” he said.

Parking is already at a premium. When the bike lane planning started two years ago, there were no streateries.

Under the new proposal northbound 9th Street would lose one travel lane.

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