Scammers target YouTube Shorts forming fake channels: Report


Scammers are increasingly misusing YouTube’s short video format YouTube shorts, stealing existing short-form videos from TikTok and reposting them to the platform to garner millions of views and gaining tens of thousands of subscribers, according to new research, published today by Tenable’s Staff Research Engineer Satnam Narang.

According to the report, these scams typically fall into three categories- adult dating affiliate scams, promotion of dubious retail products and weight loss supplements and stealing TikTok videos to increase social currency (views and subscriber counts).

YouTube Shorts is a relatively new platform that is gaining a large base in India since the ban on TikTok. 

“After YouTube Shorts was launched in India in 2021, the platform became increasingly popular and now has 3.5 billion daily views,” as per the report.

Explaining the scams he’s observed, Narang said, “Over the last decade, I’ve watched scammers…

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