Crypto Theft Is on the Rise, Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself


News emerged overnight of the potential theft of more than US$326 million (A$457.7 million) of Ethereum tokens from a blockchain bridge (which connects two blockchains so cryptocurrency can be exchanged between them).

It’s no surprise. Crypto crime has been on the rise – especially since the pandemic began. How are these crimes committed? And what can you do to stay ahead of scammers?

Direct theft vs scams

There are two main ways criminals obtain cryptocurrency: stealing it directly, or using a scheme to trick people into handing it over.

In 2021, crypto criminals directly stole a record US$3.2 billion (A$4.48 billion) worth of cryptocurrency, according to Chainalysis. That’s a fivefold increase from 2020. But schemes continue to overshadow outright theft, enabling scammers to lure US$7.8 billion (A$10.95 billion) worth of cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims.

Crypto crime is a fast-growing enterprise. The rise of the crypto economy and…

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