Business Sense | Future forward: Inaugural redwood coast region economic summit set for October – Times-Standard


It’s an interesting time to be working in economic development in our region.  We’re attempting to figure out how to do business under the threat of COVID-19 and with fires and droughts, yet across the region we are also seeing an increase in interest in people visiting, moving to and investing in the region.

That makes this an ideal time to discuss our economy on a regional level.  For the past several months,  collaboration of more than a dozen organizations from Humboldt, Del Norte and Mendocino Counties that are interested in economic health of our region  have planned “Future Forward,” a two-day virtual economic summit designed to foster innovative thinking for an equitable and sustainable economy.

The conference will focus on three themes: Industries Bringing New Opportunities; Infrastructure for Sustainable Economies; and Improving Quality of Life for All.

The conference will use the virtual platform Hopin, which provides a more…

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