Business Pulse – Real estate business finds new real estate


One of the big stories this week is there appears to be a new business coming to the bypass at its intersection with Mullican Street.

The property in question is currently occupied by a residential home. It’s across the street from Gondola and across the bypass from Korner Market. Jessica and Daniel Jones of Jones & Co. Real Estate recently purchased the property.

“We plan to put a new building there for our real estate office,” said Jessica. “We want to clean that corner up and make it look a lot nicer. The building we have is going to do just that. With the property where it is so close to the bypass and right in front of a busy intersection, it needs to be commercial. No one needs to be living there. It will give us more visibility.”

Jessica and Daniel went before McMinnville’s Regional Planning Commission last week and the Southern Standard’s Lisa Hobbs was there to cover it. The property is currently zoned residential and a request was…

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