Business partners in Greenbrier County wanted to be part of the solution


WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — With sawdust on their pants, business partners Dave Bostic, Clay Elkins, and Jay Groseclose sat down at a picnic table in the dining area of their Road Hogs Barbecue joint in downtown White Sulphur Springs. The trio took a break from carpentry work to talk about the next phase of their vision for a new business venture in downtown White Sulphur Springs.  Their property sits at the confluence of Howards Creek and Dry Creek in the middle of downtown..

“Main Street was flooded and all the way down Route 60 it was flooded. You’ve seen the news feeds of houses floating down the river on fire. But we were lucky it happened during the day or it would have been much worse,” said Bostic.

Five years ago this week, the area where we now had a conversation over barbecue and sweet iced tea had water six feet over our heads. All of the downtown was wiped out by the high water from a torrential rain. It was one of the worst…

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