Business owners and property buyers warned about scam costing victims £2m


Payment Diversion Fraud, also known as Business Email Compromise, usually affects businesses and customers where electronic financial transactions are taking place.

Criminals will contact businesses or customers via email claiming to be from a company that the intended victim has dealings with. They will request a payment to be made often or tell the recipient of a change of bank account details.

Criminals will often create fake e-mail addresses which are very similar to genuine business or customer addressees and send over fake invoices to make it more believable. All of this leads to payments from businesses and customers directly into bank accounts controlled by the criminals.

Detective Inspector Leanne Walker is from the Force’s Economic Crime Unit

The scams can have a significant impact on the victims – in West Yorkshire alone a total of £2,182,901 was lost between April 5 2021 and October 3 2021.

There were a total of 54 reported cases and the…

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