Business not ‘fractured’ politics offers world solution to biggest problems


Business rather than “fractured” geopolitics offers a path to solutions for the world’s biggest problems including climate change and trade wars, according to the chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Compared to a fragmentation of politics, business is genuinely “worldwide” in scale, said Richard Burge, a veteran chief executive in both the private and public sectors, who took on the lead role at the independent business network in February 2020. The LCCI has been lobbying for its members since it was founded in the City of London in 1881.

“Business is now on such a scale – taken in its broadest definition – and is so genuinely worldwide and is so genuinely interlinked in the way that geopolitics is not. That actually it is only business which is going to be able to sort all this out,” Mr Burge said during an interview with The National in Abu Dhabi.

Driving his optimism about what business can do is his belief…

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