Business, environmental interests at odds over riverfront rules


However, as Crain’s reporting has borne out, no governmental entity was responsible for ongoing maintenance and inspection of seawalls and other waterfront structures in Detroit before the Revere Dock collapse.

Nathan Keup, vice president of development for Ginosko, said in the committee meeting that he’s worried the costs embedded in the current language would hurt future and existing affordable housing.

Ginosko was awarded low-income housing tax credits by the state in 2019 for a more than $27 million apartment development on vacant east-side riverfront land at 7850 E. Jefferson Ave.

“We are just concerned the ordinance would place economic hardship on affordable housing providers,” Keup said. “We recently had a study done of the seawall we own and maintain on the property, it cost us around $20,000 … and the thought of doing that every five years would be extremely onerous, especially for people providing low- and moderate-income-targeted housing…

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