Brazilian Crypto Platform Halts Withdrawals, Scam Or Hack?


In a shocking revelation, a Brazilian crypto lending company announced halting of withdrawals due to an attack. A company representative of BlueBenx said the company suffered a hack worth $32 million. The company promised users of delivering high returns by investing in cryptocurrencies. This is leading to questions on whether the alleged Brazil crypto scam was real or not. The company had promised returns of up to 66% for their crypto investments.

BlueBenx Halts Withdrawals Over Alleged Hack

According to Brazilian news reports, the BlueBenx users do not believe in the company’s narrative of a hack. The reports quoted users as saying that the hacking argument was just an excuse to cover up the scam. “I think there’s a high probability that it’s a scam because this whole hacking thing seems like something they made up,” said the user. Colin Wu, a crypto reporter, revealed that the company had fired a majority of…

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