Brave improves bounce tracking protection with new Debouncing feature


The Nightly version of the Brave desktop browser supports a new privacy feature that Brave calls Debouncing.

Debouncing is designed to disarm a tracking method called Bounce Tracking, or Redirect Tracking. Bounce tracking refers to methods of tracking Internet users through the use of intermediary domains that get loaded when users click on links. It relies on tracking domains that get injected between a website and the destination of a link.

Site A and Site B may link to Destination Y and Destination Z. These sites act independently from each other. Add bounce tracking, and the opening of Destination Y and Destination Z takes a detour by loading Bounce Q first, before redirecting the user to the destination site.

With Q involved in the process, operators of the bounce tracker can identify the user and create a tracking profile. Clearly, the bigger the operator, the better the tracking.

Internet users may sometimes notice that links that they clicked on…

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