Born in a garage, Bristol space tech startup gets funded to develop a reusable satellite


Space Forge, a Bristol-based space tech startup that is designing a low-cost, reusable space satellite, has just raised funding in a seed round. However, the company did not disclose the exact funding round. 

Who backed Space Forge?

The round was led by Type One Ventures and Space Fund. Other investors including Newable Ventures, DBW, E2MC,, Helios Capital, Virgin Galactic’s George T Whitesides, BPEC, and Voyager Space Holdings’ Dylan Taylor, also participated.

Founded by Joshua Western and Andrew Bacon in 2018, Space Forge is building a dedicated manufacturing platform called ForgeStars. 

What does Space Forge do?

The UK company will operate high cadence operations that are quickly scalable to hundreds of kgs without the need for astronauts in place for the manufacturing process. 

“Proving scale and high cadence to meet the growing demand for these novel materials in space will lead the company to ultimate success,” says the…

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