Boris Johnson holds news conference on Ukraine with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Dutch PM Mark Rutte – live | Politics


I think the system that is in place of having people fleeing the terror in Ukraine spending hours and hours and hours on arduous journeys then having to jump through bureaucratic hoops is unconscionable.

We only have to compare the 50 or so visas that have been granted for entry to the UK so far with more than 1,000 Ukrainians who have already managed to enter the Republic of Ireland, a country much, much smaller than the UK.

And what Ireland is doing is what the UK should be doing – it is allowing people in and then doing the paperwork once they have managed to get that refuge and sanctuary here …

I think if the UK government does not significantly change its approach here, then increasingly there are going to be people looking at the UK and concluding that on a humanitarian level it is not doing nearly enough to help those fleeing horror and terror in Ukraine.

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