Booking a restaurant reservation? Scammers have a new tactic to steal your money


When you make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, you would reasonably expect them to have a seat available for you. But one thing that you definitely don’t want to get with your order is a side serving of fraud drizzled in stolen money.

But why would you suspect that making a simple dinner reservation could lead to criminal activity? It’s not because the booking website is fake or a clone (although that has happened with takeout services), but the site has quietly been hacked.

Everything will look and operate the way it should, but there will be one stark difference. A phone call. Here’s what you need to be aware of and how you can keep your money and details safe.

Here’s the backstory

Typically when you book a spot at a local eatery, you must enter some personal details. This could be anything from your email address, real name and phone number. These details are gathered so that the restaurant can contact you in…

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