Booking a job interview over a messaging app? It could be a scam


Technology helps many people in the U.S. easily find a new career path. From job boards to recruiting apps to tools that help build a great resume. There are ways to create a winning resume that will get past bots, but that won’t guarantee an interview.

Unfortunately, scammers are not far behind, rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunity of making some quick cash. Putting a new spin on an old scam, criminals use a messaging platform to trick prospective employees.

Read on to see how the scam works and what you can do about it.

Here’s the backstory

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently received multiple complaints about a recruitment scam that uses popular messaging platforms to lure victims. The scam is set in motion when you receive a text, email or social media message from someone who claims you’re perfect for a job opening with their company.

It seems like a good offer since the recruiter appears professional and has already…

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