Bogus meter readers scam residents


An example of the electricity meter scam being circulated via WhatsApp.PHOTO: Supplied

Two separate incidents of scammers posing as City of Cape Town electricity officials to gain access to residents’ homes have been reported to Rondebosch Police Station in the past two weeks.

On Thursday 23 June at 10:00, a Park Lane resident was at home when a man knocked on her door, pretending to be a City employee.

According to WO Lyndon Sisam, for corporate communication at the police station, the suspect said he wanted to check the electricity meter and the plugs.

“So the complainant let him in and he went around the house, checking the plugs. After he left, the complainant discovered that her brown purse and Samsung cellphone were gone,” says Sisam.

Using a similar modus operandi, two men wearing work suits gained…

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