Victoria reports four positive coronavirus cases from Melbourne’s northern suburbs – politics live | Australia news


I have always made the case we should never be complacent. We have barely gone a fortnight period across Australia without some [red] flag.

We will always be at risk until we have high vaccination coverage. And so those critical messages that the minister is reinforcing: wearing a mask when you cannot physically distance and where it is mandatory in Victoria; being tested whenever you are symptomatic; if you are eligible, getting vaccinated and not delaying.

I know people have spoken about wanting to defer their vaccination because there is no community transmission because there are so few cases in Australia. You never know what is around the corner and, again, I flagged several countries that have gone from zero community transmission to literally hundreds and, for some countries, thousands of cases per day.

Thailand has gone from zero to thousands per day. We should never be complacent and think that the situation from last week will be the…

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