Trump news today: Ex-president may face legal complaint after accused of raising illegal funds for 2024 run


Former US President Donald Trump speaks to the crowd during a rally in South Carolina

A Democratic Party fundraising committee said it will hold Donald Trump accountable by filing a formal complaint against him after he was accused of illegally spending political donations on campaigning for president without registering as a candidate.

American Bridge, a Democrat-aligned political action committee, said late Monday that it has already submitted a complaint to the US Federal Election Commission about Mr Trump’s conduct.

“We’re holding him accountable for dodging the law,” the group said.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump boasted to his supporters that contrary to reports he failed to deter Vladimir Putin’s ambitions in the post-Soviet sphere, “no one was tougher on Russia” than him – and that “my personality is what kept us out of war”.

He also speculated that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “could lead to World War III”, adding that his successor…

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