NC and SC political analysts reflect on 2021 and look ahead to 2022 | WFAE 90.7


Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021

As the year wraps up and sights are set on the 2022 midterms, a political roundup.

This year began with a staggering attempt at subverting American democracy with a near-unprecedented attack on the United States Capitol. Nearly a year later, the House select committee is still investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection. We’ll get the latest on that investigation.

Meanwhile, political watchers are warning of potential attempts to undermine future elections.

The North Carolina Supreme Court has delayed all 2022 primary elections in the state, pushing the primaries back two months from March until May to allow for two redistricting lawsuits to be settled. We’ll talk about the likely impact of that and get the latest on redistricting battles.

We’ll also check in on North Carolina’s closely watched U.S. Senate race. Both Republicans and Democrats will duke it out in their now-delayed primaries….

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