India, US, Central Asian countries should form a common front against Taliban


The instability in Afghanistan is due to the evil designs of the Taliban and other radical terrorist groups, and their external mentors Pakistan and China. It is hoped that Russia will correct its mistake of supporting the Taliban.

New Delhi: The post-Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan is having immense geopolitical consequences for both South and Central Asia, as well as for the global community. The existing impasse in Afghanistan raises certain hypothetical questions. These are:
A) Whether the United States and Nato allies’ withdrawal will be a temporary phenomenon.
B) Will Russia get an upper hand in Afghan geopolitics looking at its pro-active engagement with its newfound ally, the Taliban?
C) What kind of a role China and Pakistan, known for destabilising Afghanistan by supporting radical and terrorist groups for years, will play in the foreseeable future?
D) How will Iran respond if a radical Sunni Taliban take over power in…

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