‘Common values’ bring no Western grace to India


Illustration: Xia Qing/GT

India is experiencing an unexpected wave of denunciation from the Western media lately, thanks to the uncontrollable COVID-19 situation across the country. “Indian government tightens its grip on Twitter as COVID-19 cases surge,” an article in France 24 titled. The Wall Street Journal claimed that “Modi’s party is poised for gains” as the Indian prime minister held massive campaign rallies amid the spread of the coronavirus. “The world sent India millions in COVID aid. Why is it not reaching those who need it most?” CNN asked.

Indeed, the epidemic in India has led the whole country into a state of disorder. The way that the Indian government deals with it exposes the inability of the government and the fragmentation of Indian society to the West.

The West used to place high hopes on India. It believes India, which claims to be a major power, could play a vital role in containing China. What the West sees now is a country that…

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