Outdoor Retailer showcases new gear with ‘gee-whiz’ tech | Local News


Campers will soon be able to fry up that morning bacon without any campfires or propane. A new skateboard zooms more than 40 mph and brings the bling with LED lights. Down jackets face competition with new, thin polyester-based fabric with trapped air – similar to bubble wrap.

These are but a handful of new technology and gee-whizzardry gear the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show always brings with the hundreds of retailers to Denver. This week’s show at the Colorado Convention Center downtown did not disappoint.

First up, the just-launched Neverflame.

It’s a battery-powered, flameless system that can boil water for your morning camp joe, as well as frying eggs up on a mini-skillet. Oh, and it can power your cell phones and GPS devices.

“We’ve improved the tech on the battery, so there’s 300 watts of powerful cooking…

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