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9/11 attack on World Trade Center Twin Towers – CNN Live footage

Mitch Feierstein also raised the chilling prospect of a dirty nuclear bomb or a gas attack on the London Underground in a frank assessment of the risks the UK still faces, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Mr Feierstein, a Wall Street banker as well as an author who stood for the Brexit Party in Reading East in 2019, was actually working at the World Trade Center in 1993, when a truck bomb in the basement of the building killed six people.

These terrorist death cults have these high-tech weapons now that they can use

Mitch Feierstein

He had relocated to London by the time of the 2001 attacks, a decision he credits with saving his life – but is under no illusions about the ongoing threat, which he believes has been exacerbated by recent events.

He told “I think what happened in Afghanistan was horrific and I think it demonstrates a total lack of leadership….

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