It’s time to break up Big Tech’s media monopoly


It is no secret that Big Tech’s news and information monopoly has created a big problem for news publishers and content creators across the U.S. 

Google News, Facebook News, and analogous news aggregator sites drive a great deal of traffic to their respective sites by presenting a continuous flow of links to articles from thousands of publishers. 

These aggregator websites are, in turn, able to monetize their own advertising and related products — and are able to do so without fairly compensating publishers for their material. As a result, the publishing industry has been on life support for over a decade.

In order to make our news and information industry both fairer and stronger, the U.S. must strengthen our antitrust laws and crack down on these monopolies. With the financial pressures on local newspapers being what they are, it is essential that the media entities that own newspapers receive just and adequate compensation for their content so…

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