Iran and Israel could have a good relationship – opinion

Iran and Israel can boast a unique and exceptional socio-historic and cultural relationship going back over 2,500 years and many Iranians and Israelis believe that this very rich common background is capable of changing the face of the Middle East in the first decades of the 21st century, and also of changing the political atmosphere in the future to the benefit of both nations.

The burning desire for peace among many in the Middle East is threatened by groups of terrorists doing their utmost to undermine peace. Iran as a key country can play an important role, but under which leadership? Sooner or later the Shi’ite clergy and their evil ideas will be swept away by a younger generation of Iranians. The foundations for the strong intercultural bridge between Iran and Israel must be laid as soon as possible because change in Iran is very close.

The strong and rich relationship between Iran and Israel goes back to ancient times, to the era of…

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