Did you see the BEE on today’s Wordle 301 answer? It was NOT a bug, this is what


While looking for Wordle 301 answer was supposed to be a routine affair, many people reported a suspicious looking bee making an appearance at the end of today’s Wordle. Did NYT insert a sneaky ad to everyone’s favorite game?

Many players who ritually play Wordle first thing in the morning, reported something different about today’s Wordle. While the game itself was normal as usual, it was after they reached the Wordle 301 answer, they noticed a sneaky bee on the end title of the game where players share the game on social media. It turns out, the New York Times had placed an advertisement for another NYT game called ‘Spelling Bee’. While it is not unusual for online games to have multiple ads present, Wordle so far has been free of any banner or pop-up ads. Surprised, many users took it to Twitter to share their reactions on the first Wordle ad ever.

Many players were not pleased…

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