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Online Instant Loan via Apps and Money Lending Scam and Fraud in India is alarmingly increasing affecting lives of millions of people, who while facing any sort of financial crunch, in emergency land to the fancy and promising advertisements being floated by these Online Money Lending Apps on Facebook, Whatsapp or SMS and get entrapped in the scam.

While several Instant Loan Apps have common modulus of operandi, they charge hefty amounts as Processing Fees, Service Charges, Memberships for Higher Credit Limit of the Loan Offered or Late Payment Penalties.

Many state police cyber crime cell, including Telangana Police and Delhi Police, in recent times were able to successfully expose the fake loan syndicates but still on Google Play Store and as the Custom Apps, many still are operating and entrapping the innocent people.

Instant Loan App – β€œVolcano Loans”, an Instant Personal Loan…

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