The Border is a Ponzi Scheme


There is something happening at the border, and it’s fucked up. These are the only two things that the loudest of the yammering heads on either side of America’s partisan divide seem to agree on when it comes to immigration and they’re probably the only two things about this issue that either side actually gets right. There are millions of people flowing back and forth over that invisible line in the desert as part of a tumultuous tide of violence and exploitation that seems to be beyond anyone’s comprehension, let alone control. This much is hard for anyone with functioning eyes and/or ears to deny. The rest of the popular narrative however is generally comprised of one of two fictions. There is the liberal fiction that these folks are just clambering for the milk of American exceptionalism and old Joe Biden is just doing his damnedest to let ’em on in. And then there is the slightly meaner but no less delusional…

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