Texas pensioner forced to erect threatening signs after men mistake her house for brothel | US | News


Elaine White, 66, has erected threatening signs outside her home after dozens of men have turned up on her doorstep believing the house is a brothel. The Texas retiree believes the men are victims of an online scam which is using her address as a meeting place for sex. She revealed at least 25 men have come to her house looking for a prostitute with one having travelled from as far afield as Laredo, 450 miles from her Plano residence.

She told NBC 5 News: “I’m frustrated. I’m irritated and I’m beyond done.

“How can a grown man go to a house in a neighbourhood thinking they’re gonna get sex?

“As many hookers and prostitutes there are – go get one. Leave me alone. I’m not here for that.”

Ms White revealed the men started approaching the house a year ago asking for Nikki, Kelly and Rhonda.

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She has since installed a Ring video doorbell camera to record the men…

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