Scammers use child’s voice recording to portray kidnapping — Scam Guards


GREENVILLE, SC (WWAY) — Last year, the FBI recorded more than half a million imposter phone scams, taking more than a million dollars. Callers most commonly pretend to be police officers, IRS agents, and now potential kidnappers.

Phil Justice, a Greenville resident and uncle to WWAY’s Peyton Furtado, set out for work Monday, with no idea he’d encounter his worst nightmare.

As he drove to a house showing, Justice got a call from a local area code.

“It was our daughter, Hannah.” Justice said. “She was bawling, crying, telling me she had been in an accident and to come get her.”

Then a man’s voice took over, explaining Justice needed to stay on the line and bring him 1,000 dollars if he wanted his daughter back.

“He said, I can take her with me, and you and I both know she’s much more valuable to me in the streets than just giving her to you for a thousand dollars,” remembered Justice.

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