Scam warning: Retiree, 77 heartbreaking after losing home in devastating scam | Personal Finance


On BBC Money Box this weekend, he described how he fell victim to this cyrptocurreny fraud. Reporter Dan Whitworth described the scam as “the most comprehensive and devastating fraud” he had ever reported on.

Graham thought he was investing in cryptocurrency when he contacted a firm he found on the internet last August.

He was fed up of poor returns on his savings and hoped to use the extra money to buy a home for his son.

Graham ended up losing his savings, his car and his home and the thieves “stripped him bare”.

Graham started off investing £50 but was told the more he put in the more he would get out.

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Next it was £10,000, and then eventually Graham had been groomed by the criminals so much that he put in well over £100,000 worth of his savings.

Bit by bit, the criminals pulled Graham in deeper…

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