Private Detective Agency Switzerland headquartered in Zurich leading in Global and Switzerland Due Diligence and Online Fraud Investigations, Business News


Private Detective Agency™ is a premier private investigative firm, providing affordable and discreet investigations throughout Switzerland, Liethenstein and globally.

A quote of the Private Detective Agency Switzerland is ‘What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.’ This is a Samuel Jackson quote in the offices of the Private Detective Agency™ .

Global Due Diligence Investigations

In Deals Private Detective Agency™ Switzerland based in Zürich-City with private detectives and private investigators everywhere near you, solve the important problems that stand in the way of value being created, sustained, realized or protected for their clients – working together to aid responsible recovery and growth.

Due diligence research is the set of investigations carried out on a company to find out its existence, value, reputation, internal…

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