Olympic Skater Luka Klasinc Charged in COVID-19 Loan Scam: DOJ β€” Scam Guards


Luka Klasinc, a former Olympic figure skater and Slovenian national, faces federal charges charges after an alleged scheme to defraud the government out of money intended for business struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Klasinc, 48, used β€œfalsified documents during his attempts to gain access to over $1.5 million in funds disbursed to fraudulent U.S. Small Business Administration (β€œSBA”) Economic Injury Disaster Loans,” the Justice Department said in a statement Tuesday.

According to the DOJ, Klasinc had opened three business bank accounts in or around 2019, and between July and September 2020, the accounts received $1,595,800 from the SBA, pursuant to 11 Economic Injury Disaster Loans, according to the DOJ.

β€œIn the same period, there were numerous wire transfers from the BOB77 Accounts to international beneficiaries,” the DOJ said.

Klasinc was arrested Monday in New York, and is charged with one count of bank…

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