Nobel Laureate Dubs Crypto a ‘Ponzi Scheme.’ So What? By DailyCoin


Nobel Laureate Dubs Crypto a ‘Ponzi Scheme.’ So What?

  • is snowed under with critique after it displays heightened signs of volatility.
  • Bitcoin is a store of value and lacks currency functions.
  • In the current digital landscape, other digital payments provide more use cases.

Divergence in opinion creates a scenario that enables healthy debate regarding current global activities that affect the social-economic landscape. Having a one-sided view on a topic that some might not fully understand, on the other hand, is not well received by anyone who is passionate about, or genuinely understands the value of, something like blockchain or digital currencies.

Paul Krugman’s ‘Different’ View Of Crypto

In May, Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel laureate for Economic Sciences, and New York Times columnist, published an article in which he called cryptocurrencies a “long-running Ponzi scheme.”

His statement and commentary in The New…

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