Millions of scams since January reports the CAB » Scammer News


More than two thirds of adults (36 million) have been targeted by a scammer since January, new research by Citizens Advice has found.

While the over-55s are most likely to be targeted,, younger people are most likely to be targeted by text or messaging service, while those over-55 are most likely to be contacted via the phone.

The number of scams reported to the CAB charity is on the increase, scams via unsolicited emails are increasing and scams via telephone calls have increased also.

This rise in scams shows that financial abuse is now a part of everyday life in the UK and they are becoming more and more sophisticated, backed by a rising influence of organised crime networks seeking to exploit the pandemic.

It’s more important than ever we all do our bit to report scams when we see them to help protect ourselves and others. By learning how scammers operate, and knowing what to look out for, we can all work together…

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