Lloyds Bank issues warning as scam could target Britons using festive sales | Personal Finance | Finance


Parcel scams are sadly rife, and they can be particularly dangerous for those who come into contact with them. The bank shared the story of one woman who was targeted in this way, and ended up having her bank account “cleared out”.

She said: “I got a text telling me I owed a postage fee. I thought it could be about the trainers I just ordered online. I really wanted those trainers, so I just clicked on the link without thinking.

“The website looked genuine and asked for my personal details. That was that, or so I thought.”

However, a month later, the woman received a call out of the blue claiming to be from her bank’s fraud team.

The caller suggested her account had been compromised, but that he could help secure it if she logged on to online banking.

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“I couldn’t wait to get my new trainers. But I didn’t stop to think or challenge the…

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