Let It Go…to Voicemail


When it comes to combatting scams, we all have the same superpower. The single most effective way to avoid scam calls is to let your answering machine or voicemail screen calls for you. It’s a power we all have, but unfortunately, it’s not a power we all use. 

Federal Trade Commission data from last year show that the telephone was the source for more than a third of reported scams. Reported losses were nearly $700 million, with a median loss of $1,200. That’s a lot of phone fraud. Thanks to criminals, we can’t rely on Caller ID, so our best defense is letting calls go to the machine. This gives you the opportunity to listen to messages with intent, and with time to consider its validity. 

So don’t forget that YOU have a superpower, one that can protect you from the IRS scam, or the Medicare scam, or the grandparent scam, or dozens of other impostor scams – by letting them go to…

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