Financial Options During Retirement You May Not Know About 


If you have recently retired, congratulations! You have joined the nearly 30 million retirees who have recently entered retirement. While this is such an exciting time for most Americans, you may have some fear about retiring, because you aren’t sure you will have the finances to continue to enjoy retirement. If you are in the process of retiring, you need to know that there are financial resources available to help you through retirement. Here is more information about your financial options during retirement.  

Use Your House to Generate Income 

If you have paid for your home, you can use it to generate monthly income, or you can receive a lump sum. Reverse mortgages allow you to use the equity in your home. You can figure out how much income you could generate from your home by using a reverse mortgage calculator. If you have a reverse mortgage, you get cash for your house, not move out, and not pay a mortgage. You…

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