Editorial: Some student debt relief is merited. Some is due some well-deserved scrutiny. | Editorial


Despite pressure from the Democratic Party’s hard-left fringe, President Joe Biden is correctly slow-walking proposals to grant relief for college graduates mired in student-loan debt. But one loan-forgiveness decision he took recently was spot on: to grant full relief to the 560,000 students defrauded by the for-profit Corinthian University.

Students who were scammed by Corinthian’s diploma factory deserve to have their grievances addressed separately from others who knowingly immersed themselves in debt and got a legitimate college education in return. Someone who is swindled into buying a junk car with no engine is not equivalent to someone who buys a new car on credit then realizes the monthly payments are too high for the income the buyer is earning.

The $5.8 billion forgiveness program for former Corinthian students acknowledges that the university fabricated…

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