DVLA issue scam warning ahead of Christmas as phishing on the rise


The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) have issued an urgent scam warning on the run up to Christmas concerning a rise in dodgy deals.

Drivers are often subjected to scams from a variety of people be it the DVLA or an insurance company with the issue said to be a huge concern with millions of people receiving bogus texts, calls and emails daily.

The government agency has now urged motorists to be aware of messages asking them to click a link to verify details due to database upgrades or any other text, email or call they receive asking them to personal details and bank information.

If scammers get access to this information, they can use the bogus messages and calls to access personal information such as your bank account as well as being able to hack into your computers or mobile phone via viruses.

This is known as phishing – and its a very common scam – and one that people fall victim to each year.

But what is phishing,…

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