Don’t Get Hooked by Common Scams


Every year, various types of scams make their appearance. Scammers successfully steal millions of dollars annually through cleverly designed efforts to fool the unaware. Since COVID-19, the IRS has sent out multiple warnings that scammers are more active than ever.

Recently, the IRS warned consumers to beware of three types of scams. If you’re waiting for a tax refund, watching for a stimulus check, or looking for a job, you’ll want to avoid these scams.

Remember that some of these offers sound really good.  So good, that many people get pulled into them each year.

The Common Thread in Scams

Nearly all scams have the same premise, which will help you identify them. The agency (real or supposed) needs more personal information from you. Known as phishing scams, these official sounding phone calls, emails, letters or texts will try to dupe you into revealing information. That information can then be used to steal your hard-earned…

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