10 new albums that aim to change the world in 2023


Do you think there’s no good protest music these days? So did I, until I started looking for it. The truth is, it’s always been out there, but it’s sometimes just a bit difficult to find. Every month, I search it out, listen to it all, then round up the best of it that relates to that month’s political news. Here’s the round-up for January 2023.


On January 1, Zimbabwean musician Winky D released his new album, which blasts the ZANU-PF government and its derailing of the country’s decolonisation. Its track “Dzimba Dzemabwe” asks: “Is this the land we cry for, we die for?” The song “Ibotso”, meanwhile, rails against divisive policies that keep the poor killing each other “whilst the authors of their misery and poverty remain unscathed”. The album sparked a backlash from pro-government forces, including the Economic Empowerment Group, which arranged a press conference where it called…

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