In hot housing market, real estate transfer revenues near all-time high


Fiscal Facts | Wisconsin Policy Forum

Revenues from fees on transfers of real estate in Wisconsin increased 37% in fiscal year 2021, the largest annual increase in nearly four decades. This was driven by robust increases in real estate sales and residential property values during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisconsin, like most other states, collects a fee on real estate transfers, most of which are sales. In Wisconsin the fee is $3 for every $1,000 of real estate property being transferred. The fee is collected at the county level and revenue proceeds are split between the state’s general fund, which receives 80%, and the county, which receives 20%.

The increase in the fiscal year ending June 30 brought fee revenues to rival those during the housing boom of 2005-06 — and projections show they could reach an all-time high in the current fiscal year.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue data show the volume of real estate transfers and other…

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