How to win in Genesee County’s real estate market? Cash, attractive offers and patience


GENESEE COUNTY, MI — John Brady might be the poster child for how to exercise patience while hunting for a house in Genesee County.

It’s a market that experts say sellers have the upper hand in right now.

Brady, 43, has been actively trying to purchase a home in the Grand Blanc area since May 2020. He’s had some deals get really close, but none to seal the deal.

“We try to get one and either they already have an offer on it or by the time the appointment date gets here they have already had an offer in and accepted that offer. We kind of missed out on seeing some of them because of that,” Brady said, adding he’s toured over two dozen homes since he began the search.

Brady, who works in management at Meijer, is looking for a home in the $180,000 to $210,000 range that would accommodate him and his fiancée.

The almost-homeowner isn’t alone in his travails.

The real estate market in Genesee County is a reflection of what many areas throughout the…

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