‘Bad actors’ also try to take advantage of hot Austin housing market


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin’s housing market is booming and, as more people buy and rent homes, there are more people looking to take advantage of others.

One victim we talked to, who wished to remain anonymous, says she lost more than a thousand dollars on a fake listing.

She says she was looking for a new place to live when she found a place for $1,700, but the deal she thought she was getting ended up costing her more.

“They have my social security number, they have my birthday, where I am currently living and I don’t know what they might do with that,” said the woman.

After texting and talking to the person she thought was the landlord, she then set up a time to see the home. She even was able to get inside by putting a code into a lockbox at the property.

After looking around the property she says she ended up wiring the money, but after the fake landlord…

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