Avoiding real estate FOMO: the benefits of a realtor search engine


Are you missing out on available home listings in your target area? You may be if you are using general search engines like Zillow, Redfin, and similar systems.

One of the benefits of a real estate agent’s search engine is that they have access to listings that have not yet, or never will, hit the general market. These properties may be “coming soon,” or the seller may instruct their agent not to advertise their property publicly on main stream feeds for privacy reasons. Many times, these homes are sold without hitting the general market.

Using a real estate agent’s search engine offers a variety of filters to help you customize your search and find the perfect listing that’s just right for you.

(Schooner Realty)

So how can you gain access to these homes? Just ask Anne at Schooner Realty to help you! I can put you on an MLS search at no cost to you. These searches are easy to…

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