6 Real Estate Investments That Could Accelerate Your Retirement


There are many paths to take when growing the wealth needed for a comfortable retirement, and there’s no need to take just one. In fact, it’s probably not advisable.

Diversification is a prime principle for investing. Stocks and bonds and other fixed investments should be an important part of your retirement strategies, in varying measures as time moves along, and so should real estate.

Real estate investing is a vast realm of its own, offering the ability to be as hands-on or third-party as you wish, from fixing up a flip to socking away years of income from properties you don’t even own.

Here are six areas of investment, broad strokes of inspiration for you to consider as you paint your own picture of an affordable, enjoyable retirement. Choose well and do these right and you just might find your retirement date arrives sooner than you might have expected.

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Your own home

For most homeowners,…

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