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Can I Get A Business Loan With A 500 Credit Score?

Can I Get A Business Loan With A 500 Credit Score

Even though your credit score does not matter as much as your company’s financial health, getting a small business loan is still possible. Most lenders require a credit score of 500 to be considered for a loan, and they typically require at least six months of continuous revenue.

A small business loan is a type of financing that enables companies to expand their operations and improve their cash flow. It can be used for various types of business activities, such as working capital, equipment financing, and business expansion.

You can expect to pay higher interest rates and fees due to your poor credit as a business owner. For instance, if you take out a merchant cash advance or invoice factoring loan, these products rely on future sales and money that has already been invoiced but not yet received.

500 Credit Score For Business Loans?

Even if you cannot get a loan due to poor credit, there are still lenders who will give you a loan even if your credit score is 500. Some of these lenders will only accept lower credit scores and will not check your credit at all.

Why Is a Credit Score Important To Get a Loan?

While lenders do not typically lend money to businesses out of kindness, they do want to be paid back.

This is why your credit score is one of the most important factors lenders use to assess a person’s creditworthiness. They want to make sure that they\ are not only creditworthy but they are also trustworthy. For instance, if you pay back a lot of your debts, you might have a good credit score.

However, If you have a history of missing payments or a credit report showing a late payment, that information will be reflected in your bad credit score and credit report.

In short, Your credit score is used by lenders to determine if or not they should lend you money in the first place.

Is Having a Low Credit Score Affect Your Financing?

Your credit score can affect the types of loans you can get and the conditions of the loans you can get. High credit score individuals are more likely to be approved for loans. On the other hand, with low credit scores, individuals are less likely to get approved.

Your credit score can affect the various factors that affect your financial situation, such as the amount of money you can loan, as well as the interest rate you can pay. Having a higher score can also help you get approved for more loans and lower interest rates.

If you have a lower credit score, lenders might also consider your ability to pay back a loan when making decisions about your credit. This could mean that they will give you a lower amount and a shorter repayment period. This is why getting a higher credit score is a must, but it is also a bit of a struggle.

How To Get Business Loan With a 500 Credit Score?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to get a business loan using 500 credit and build strong business credit. Also, we’ll help you determine if this type of financing is feasible for your company.

Conduct Research

Before applying for a loan, research to find the best lender for your small business. This will help determine which one will give you the best deal and which one will not. One of the most important factors that you should consider is your credit score.

Online lenders are typically more lenient on these types of loans, but if your score is below 500, it could make them less likely to work with you, and this is why it is important to have a good credit history.

Write a Business Plan

Having an organized business plan is important when it comes to applying for a small business loan with a low credit score. It can help convince your lender that you can handle the repayment obligations. Your plan should also include important information, such as the types of products and services that you would like to expand.

Be Prepared When You Received a Higher Interest Rate

If you are looking to get a 500credit business loan, you will also need to consider the lender’s offering rate. The higher the rate, the more likely it will be that you will be considered a higher-risk customer. This is because the lender might not be able to provide you with the necessary credit to pay off the loan on time.

Key Takeaways

If you are not making enough payments on time, your business credit score will not improve. This is why it is important to understand your loan’s terms and conditions before applying for it.

Best Bad Credit Business Loans (Complete Guide)

Best Bad Credit Business Loans (Complete Guide)

Getting a business loan with poor or bad credit can be hard, especially if you have a poor credit history. However, it is not impossible to get one. There are a variety of loans that are better suited to the needs of small businesses, and some lenders even specialize in those with less creditworthy borrowers.

You can get various small business loans from various sources, such as credit unions, banks, and online lenders. However, look for providers with lower credit score requirements if you have bad credit. For instance, some online lenders require a lower credit score than their traditional counterparts.

Although the most competitive rates are usually reserved for creditworthy borrowers, it is still important that you compare multiple lenders to find the best deal. Some financial institutions offer a faster approval process and lower funding times than others.

How To Check The Eligibility of Your Business To get a Loan?

Although bad credit can affect your approval chances, other factors can also affect your decision when it comes to getting a loan. In addition to your credit score, other factors such as your income and credit history can also be considered when evaluating your eligibility.

Check your personal credit score.

When evaluating a potential borrower’s credit score, a business lender looks at the score to see if it is a good fit for a loan. Generally, a person with a credit score of 530 to 690 should be considered for a bad credit business loan.

Check your business credit score.

A good business credit score is vital to any lender’s decision to approve a loan or credit card. It can help determine an individual’s creditworthiness and limit the risk of credit card fraud. If your business has been established a year or more, check your credit report with D&B, Equifax, or Experian.

The Cashflow of your business

A cash flow is a measurement of a company’s ability to pay its debts over a certain period of time. It can help lenders identify if a business is taking on too much risk. Like revenue, this number can also show how much money a company has available to cover its expenses.

Your business’s annual revenue

A company’s annual revenue is a vital part of any business’s operations, as it shows how it can pay back its loans on time and in full. For startups that lack financial records, this can be shown through projections that are five years in the future.

How does your business operate?

Aside from providing creditworthy businesses, lenders also prefer to lend to established enterprises that have been in operation for at least a year.

Check if you have an outstanding debt

A company’s current debt load measures how it manages its money and how it can meet its financial obligations. It helps lenders evaluate a company’s ability to meet its financial obligations.

The Purpose of your loan

Some lenders also require that certain types of business loan funds be used for certain purposes. These include making sales and improving the company’s operations. For instance, banks are more likely to lend to a company that can offer better services and products when the funds are used to improve its sales.

Write a Business Plan

A comprehensive business plan is a document that explains a company’s goals and how it plans to reach them. It should also include an executive summary and a detailed overview of the company’s operations. Having a plan is especially important for people with bad credit.

You Need To Decide Why You Need A Business Loan

Before you start looking for a business loan, it is important to consider the various factors that affect the business’ financial success. Not only are lenders looking at the stated goal of the loan, but they also want to see how the facility will affect the company’s ability to earn.

This is especially true for people with bad credit or those with a poor credit history. Before you start looking for a loan, consider these questions to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.

  • Will the funds boost the company’s efficiency, make it more competitive, or increase its production?
  • Is there a way to purchase an item or continue operating without financing?
  • Can you raise funds through various methods, such as stock offerings or crowdfunding, without having to incur interest?

Although small business loans can be used for various purposes, they may not be the best option for every business. For instance, it could be difficult for lenders to extend funds if you are having a hard time making loan payments. Having a clear understanding of the loan’s goals could help you get more credit.

Despite having bad credit, many financing options are still available to small business owners with bad credit. These include working capital loans and business loans.

What you need to think about when you downsize your home

What you need to think about when you downsize your home

There comes a point in most people’s lives, usually when all the kids have left home when the house just feels too big and empty. Although you can fill it with friends, it will not feel the same. Therefore, many decide that rather than rattle around in a large empty home, it is far better to move to a much smaller, cozier affair that suits them and their new situation.

Keeping your sentimental items

Although there are many people that see sentimental belongings as a waste of space (especially if it is not them who have the sentimental tie to the item), it is important that you keep hold of them. This is because, with many items that hold a sentimental value, they are unique to you and the memories that you have. In some cases, the items may be worth money and should therefore be insured against damage, theft, or loss.

It is important that when you are looking to downsize your property, you think about where you will put these items, whether they will be out on show or in storage within the property itself.

How your lifestyle will fit into your new property

You will also have to think about how your lifestyle will fit into the new property that you are looking at. For instance, if you are a person that likes to entertain guests for dinner parties or large get-togethers, then you are going to want to have a dining room or area that will comfortably house the number of guests that you usually invite and a kitchen big enough to cater for them.

Of course, when it comes to the enjoyable parts of your lifestyle, you should not compromise. If you do, you will find that you are no longer enjoying your life and that you will start to resent the move that you have made.

Not forgetting your hobbies

You must not forget about your hobbies when you are looking to downsize. For instance, you may find that you will not be able to keep your boat on your driveway, so you will have to look into putting it into storage or purchasing or renting a mooring. You will also have to look into boat transport in order to get it to its location.

This is also true if you own a horse, whether it is a case of being able to move your horse closer to your location should you downsize or have to move it further away as you are sacrificing your outdoor space. This may not be the headache that you think it could be as there are reliable businesses offering equine transport.

Keeping in contact with people

As you might be focused on finding friends where you have just moved, something that may slip your mind is the importance of keeping in contact with those from your previous neighborhood, as when you move locations, it can be very easy to let ties slip and lose contact. However, this can be bad for the health, as by nature humans are sociable creatures.

Whether the choice of downsizing has been due to positive reasons or whether it is with a heavy heart that you are having to say goodbye to your large home will not matter to your true friends. They will rejoice at your company regardless of where you choose to live and your circumstances.

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3 Pieces of Equipment Every Office Needs and How to Choose Them

3 Pieces of Equipment Every Office Needs and How to Choose Them

Table of Contents

Office equipment is expensive, especially when we are discussing commercial-grade appliances. Therefore, it is important to choose your items well to begin with. Smaller companies will find it to be a hard hit on their funds if the initial expenses turn out to be bad investments. On the other hand, since larger companies usually order in batches, the financial loss would be substantial if they ordered wrong. To prevent any of that from happening, here’s our brief but helpful guide on which office equipment should be on the top of your shopping list and how to choose it.


There are a few reliable rules to buying office furniture, which are as follows:

  • All seats/chairs must be comfortable, adjustable, and ergonomic to support long work hours.
  • The height of each table and desk must be in ergonomic correspondence with the seats behind them.
  • Storage cabinets and drawers should follow a vertical increase in size to maximize floor space.
  • If the office space is exceptionally small, opt for foldable, multipurpose furniture to maximize the space available.
  • Minimalistic furniture in a small office space is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Even if there is plenty of space, try to keep the dĂ©cor minimalistic anyway to accommodate future growth


How many printers are needed in the office will depend on:

  • The field of work.
  • How frequently printing/scanning/copying is needed in the office.
  • The expected workload relevant to printing/scanning/copying.
  • The number of employees who might need to use the printers simultaneously.

For small to medium sized offices, purchasing at least two printers is advisable. However, if we are discussing a home office setup, just one should be sufficient. In that case, check out the latest deals on all-in-one Lenovo home office printers from the manufacturer’s own website.

As far as printing technology is concerned, you will need to select between inkjet printers, laser printers, and ink tank printers. The decision may feel confusing due to the variety of product types but making an informed choice will become much easier after you go through the following pointers.

  • Inkjet printers are the cheapest and arguably best suited for small and home offices.
  • Laser printers are expensive, but they’re ideal for large offices that need to print, scan and copy a lot of documentation every day.
  • Ink tank printers are also expensive, but they are perfectly suited for both small and large-scale companies.
  • Only an inkjet or an ink tank printer will do if the company’s printing requirements necessitate photo printing.

Irrespective of the technology used by it, the printer must also be capable of scanning and copying documents.


No office can function without a strong Wi-Fi network that’s backed by a fast, commercial fibre connection. Even if you are paying for the fastest business internet plans, that speed will not be properly reflected in a Wi-Fi network if the office routers are not up to the task.  A couple of mesh routers are the way to go, but how many you will need depends on the size of your office. The Netgear Orbi AX6000 and the TP-Link Deco W7200 come well recommended for commercial use.

Other essentials include water dispensers, waste bins, coffee machines, a well stocked emergency/sick room, fridge(s), stationery, and a business telephone line. For those wondering about computers, most companies tend to follow the policy of BYOD these days which makes sense given how much money it saves. However, these devices will still need to be protected and integrated with the main system for security.

Bitcoin mining-How to mine bitcoins?

Bitcoin mining

What is Bitcoin mining? Does it mean I can generate free Bitcoin from my computer? Is it still profitable to mine Bitcoin these days? Well, stick around… We will answer all these questions in detail. So this article will be informative for you. Please read it carefully.

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin was created as a decentralized alternative to the banking system. This means that the system can operate and transfer funds from one account to the other without any central authority. With a central authority, transferring money is easy. Just tell the bank you want to remove $50 from your account and add it to someone else’s account. In this case, the bank has all the power, since the bank is the only one who is allowed to update the ledger that holds the balances of everyone in the system. But how do you create a system that has a decentralized ledger? How do you give someone the ability to update the ledger without giving them so much power that they will become corrupt or negligent in their work? Well, the rules of the Bitcoin system, known as the protocol solve this in a very creative way I like to call “Who Wants to Be a Banker?” In short, anyone who wants to participate in updating the ledger of Bitcoin transactions, known as the blockchain, can do so. All you need to do is guess a random number that solves an equation generated by the system. Of course, this guessing is all done by your computer.

How to make money with Bitcoin mining?

There are a lot of lessons learned from that a lot of interesting ways to make money online that not a lot of people talk about and that’s exactly what I want to talk about in today.

Bitcoin’s gonna be a hundred thousand dollars by end of 2022. So, you can a lot of money by bitcoin mining. The thing about when you invest and this isn’t financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor. You never want to buy at all-time highs that was what I experienced here around like in December right as I got into it around. When it was just going up right and I already thought it was pretty expensive that it is but I always made sure that I never wanted to buy at all-time highs. Because I remember back in December 2015 people were putting all of their money in at this same.  They were borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars at the bank and the thing about that is even if you believe in like the technology of it in the long term wise a lot of people could not stomach putting their entire life savings.

Best time to invest:

For example at twenty thousand dollars and then having the price of bitcoin goes down to like literally half a couple of months later. So if you put in like two hundred thousand dollars of your life savings. It would immediately go to a hundred thousand dollars within a couple of months. When you lose like a hundred grand. It will mess up your mind. You will feel like you’re missing out because you’re like oh my god it’s going to go to a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars per coin. So, make sure that you are investing or buying at on right time. If you will invest and buy the shares at right time then you just cannot imagine how much you can earn. Your earnings will be in hundreds of dollars.


Now day bitcoin is going to more famous. People are taking interest in mining bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. But it is not easy to do trading with bitcoin. You should have enough knowledge before you start trading with bitcoin. So, first, try to understand this trading then start your practical work.

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PayPal scam email-what to do to prevent ?

PayPal scam email

PayPal scam email can put you in great trouble if you follow the instructions given in the mail. Digitalization has revolutionized today’s world, and the world is making progress by leaps and bounds in it. Therefore, criminals and scammers are active in cheating people in various ways. PayPal scam email is a widespread way of fooling people. Suspicious or scam emails are part of their activity. They deceive innocent people by sending them emails and claiming a severe threat to their PayPal accounts. We, in this article, are going to explain in detail PayPal scam emails and how one can avoid and identify them.

What is PayPal, and how is it the most common way of sending and receiving money?

American Multinational Financial technology company PayPal is an online payment system. In almost more than 200 countries globally, people use this method to send and receive money. Moreover, it is effortless to use. You can connect your bank account, credit, or debit card to your PayPal account and make online purchasing while sitting at your home. In addition, you can get special offers from the companies that have participated with PayPal. It offers secure, easy, and convenient transactions. There are also laws for getting your payment back.

What is a PayPal scam email, and what message do you receive from scammers?

The scammer’s mafia tries to make PayPal notorious by sending scam emails. However, PayPal is doing its best to prevent its users from such a scam. For this purpose, they often guide their users about privacy, safety, and security policy. You should read the details carefully off and on.

There are several types of attacks that you may face on your account. However, they often ask people to update their accounts to resolve payment issues. When someone clicks the link provided in the email, they ask to fill out all the details about your account. When you give them all your data, they can do shopping by using your balance or can send money to their account.

How can we make sure if an email is really from PayPal?

All the emails do not scam. Sometimes PayPal sends an email to its users. However, the following steps can assist you in identifying if an email is really from PayPal:

  • First of all, carefully check the email because an email from PayPal always comes from PayPal.com, and no one can change this domain name.
  • PayPal always addresses you from your first and last name or business name.
  • PayPal never asks to download any software, ask for any installation, or for sensitive information to provide.

How to avoid PayPal scam email and what to do with it?

It is essential to avoid scam emails, and you should never take any action if you find any email suspicious. Furthermore, you should keep in mind the following instructions:

  • Firstly, be careful about what they are asking to do and why?
  • If they ask to resolve any issue related to your account, always open your account via a browser, not by the link provided in the email.
  • If they ask about any personal details, ensure that you are in the right place.
  • Haste makes waste, so never click the links in email blindly.
  • Forward the email as it to spoof@paypal.com.
  • Please don’t change the suspicious email and forward it as an attachment.
  • It is better to delete the email from your account.
  • You should carefully read all the security and privacy policies of PayPal. It can help you to avoid a lot of scams.


PayPal is a useful service for sending and receiving money from friends, relatives, and clients. However, some scammers try to make it controversial, breaking people’s trust with their evil acts.


Calculate Now! Reset Values


  • You started with an investment of:$ on
  • Your principal amount grew to:$ by
  • Your total cash withdrawals were: $ over the course of business days
  • Your total NET profit for the -day period was: $

Projection breakdown

Day Date Earnings Reinvest (Principal/Cash Out) TOTAL Principal TOTAL Cash

Mount Equity Group Useful Tips: Identify Fake Online Stores

Mount Equity Group Useful Tips: Identify Fake Online Stores

E-Commerce scams are some of the costliest for consumers. These can take myriad forms. Often, such scams thrive because they lure people with great incentives. A great discount, a free product or trial are things we see as bargains. However, the only ones who truly profit are scammers.

To avoid the negative psychological and financial impact of scams, be cautious. The best way to increase your safety is to get informed. Learn more about fake online stores and how to avoid them.

A Popular Example

To understand what these scams involve, here is a good example – Pandorapick.com This is a website that mimics the famous jewelry store, Pandora. Even the name is similar to create confusion.

However, the triggers that turn customers into buyers are discounts. The website promises discounts of up to 75%. Given that it’s jewelry we’re talking about, the prices are unbelievably cheap.

Moreover, the website also copies Pandora’s design to make the resemblance even more striking. However, according to the Better Business Bureau, Pandorapick.com sells mere cheap imitations. Therefore, those who hope for a bargain actually pay for low-quality items. This website got lots of complaints on Scam Tracker.

The Bigger Danger

Besides paying for low-quality products there is, however, a bigger threat. Paying for products you never actually receive. Some fake websites work like this.

They rely on beautiful, often premium products, which are only copy-pasted photos. They promise big discounts on those items. Then, after customers make a purchase, they never deliver anything.

How to Spot a Fake Website

The best way to avoid an e-Commerce scam is to exercise caution while shopping online. To efficiently detect a fake website, there are a few aspects to consider. From discounts that are too good to be true, to website design flaws, learn to look for the red flags.

Unbelievable Discounts

There are two types of potentially fake discounts you can spot. One example is too-steep discounts. These usually go beyond 50%. Yet, just because a company offers this type of discount, it doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate.

Sometimes online stores offer huge discounts. They might do this during certain periods of the year when sales take off. For example, before Christmas. Also, online stores often offer big discounts on items they don’t manage to sell.

The second type is too-good-to-be-true discounts on expensive items. To avoid these fake offers, do a bit of research. See how much the product costs on other websites. Usually, retailers have similar prices. If one offers an unreasonably high discount, it might be a scam.

Buying something that’s worth hundreds of dollars for only a few dozen sounds appealing. But you should also consider the risks. If you’ve never heard of that seller before, you might be dealing with a scam. There are also price comparison websites you can use to facilitate price research.

Unconventional Payment Methods

Normally, any legitimate e-store allows customers to pay with credit or debit cards. However, fake ones might ask for odd payment methods. They do this to get away with fraud easier. Bank transfers are easier to track. Therefore, if the authorities start an investigation, that’s the trace that can take them to the scammers.

However, if a customer pays in bitcoin, prepaid cards, gift cards, or cash, the transaction is harder to trace. In conclusion, avoid websites that only accept these unconventional payment methods.

Sloppy Website Design

Poor-quality photos and a sloppy overall website design might indicate a fake website. Therefore, spend a bit of time looking at the website before purchasing anything, especially on a new one.

Also, read the product descriptions and the website’s presentation. If you see lots of spelling mistakes or incorrect wording, avoid the website. Poor English and poor website design are common fake website traits.

Strange Domain Names

Clone websites often copy those of big brands. However, since they can’t use the same URL address, scammers need to be creative. They often add or eliminate letters from the website’s name. Also, they might add extra words such as sales or discounts. These red flags are easy to spot. Just pay attention to the site’s URL and compare it with the real website.

No or Limited Contact Information

Reliable companies normally have their name in the email address. They don’t use a regular email address with someone’s name for customer support. Moreover, trusted stores offer multiple contact methods, including a phone number.

If the only contact method you find on a website is an online form, be wary. Fake websites usually have shady, limited, or no contact information.

Another red flag is an international phone number for a store that claims to be in your country. To check the site and the number’s validity, call during business hours. If no one answers after multiple attempts or the number is invalid, leave the website.

Shady Refund Policies

Finally, to make sure you purchase from a legitimate online store, check its refund policy. If the website has none, something is wrong. If there are shady or unfair terms and conditions in the refund policy, avoid that website.

All in all, there are numerous red signs you should watch out for while shopping online. Get informed and stay safe!

Courtesy by Mount Equity Group

Mount Equity Group Report: Alchemy Coin CEO Sentenced to Prison for $7M Covid Relief Scam


Covid-19 scams have been some of the most common types of fraud registered in the past two years. These scams have been carried out through different strategies over the phone and online. Although many of the authors who carried out successful Covid-19 scams haven’t been caught yet, others are already paying for their acts. Some of them are even known figures in the online environment such as Alchemy Coin’s CEO, Justin Cheng. Find out how this young man managed to steal $7M worth of Covid relief funds.

Justin Cheng is a 25-year-old Taiwanese resident. The young man arrived in the United States a few years ago after he managed to get a student visa. Cheng studied at the Pennsylvania State University. Through a well-orchestrated scam, the man managed to obtain $7 million, but he will spend as many years in prison as he has already been convicted by the federal court for his actions.

Covid-19 Scam

Besides the successful Covid-19 scam that was almost going to make him rich, Cheng has also been convicted in relation to an investment scam carried out through his cryptocurrency company, ICO. Through this secondary illicit source of income, the businessman managed to steal more than $400,000 from investors who put their money and trust in his company – Alchemy Coin Technology Limited.

The money Cheng got as investments was gathered by making false and misleading statements. He basically lied to his investors regarding how they would be able to access Alchemy Coin’s capital and use his blockchain lending platform and its tokens.

Regarding the Covid-19 scam, Cheng did not come up with a new and original scheme to defraud the U.S. government and gain access to money that was actually due to unemployed citizens. His way of work resembled that of many other fraudsters who have submitted fake Covid-19 unemployment benefit applications online and received money after their approval.

However, unlike other cybercriminals, Cheng could pull of a successful scam at a larger scale and make much more money because he also had a company. This enabled him to receive financial aid from SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

The investigation carried out by the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that Cheng submitted lots of online applications in 2020, in the period ranging from April to August. As a result, he received the astonishing amount of $7 million from the PPP.

To be able to make the necessary applications, Justin lied about the number of people he employed. In theory, his company had more than 200 employees for whom Cheng paid a total amount of monthly wages of over $1.5 million. In reality, the company only had 14 employees.

Moreover, to be able to put together such a long list of employees, the businessman started inventing names of persons who proved to have no records as U.S. citizens. What took the authorities by surprise even more so was the fact that Cheng even included in his applications names of famous celebrities such as TV figures or a well-known NFL player.
The red flag that probably prompted the authorities to start an official investigation was the way in which Cheng used his money once it became available. Normally, the funds companies get as part of SBA’s PPP program should be used for business expenses. This is not what Cheng did. A major error was that he transferred $1 million abroad, which obviously drew attention.

Furthermore, he also decided to withdraw $360,000 in cash. With this money, he didn’t buy any business equipment, renovate his office, or invest in any other business-related activity. As records showed, a similar amount was spent by Cheng on personal expenses. For example, the man bought an expensive Rolex and a new car.

This year in April, the man pleaded guilty to 4 of the accusations brought against him. The final sentence for Cheng was 72 months in prison and 3 years of supervised release. Cheng was just one of the many criminals who have managed to defraud the U.S. government and take advantage of its Covid stimulus programs. A lot of money seems to have been stolen in similar scams, many of which were carried out from abroad by groups of cybercriminals residing in China, Russia, Nigeria, and other countries.

Courtesy of Mount Equity Group

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